Sunday, January 8, 2012

Russell "Walks Off The Earth"

From time to time, Russell shares some of his musical interests and discoveries on Twitter.  For the past two days, he's been saying great things about Walk Off The Earth,  an Indie band from Canada.  I'd not heard their music before, but I thank him very much for the introduction to them.  Their music is a real experience!  At the bottom of this post, you'll find some info about the band and links to other sites related to them.

Here's what Russell had to say about the band, followed by two videos from their official Youtube page.

Check out Walk Off the Earth's cover of Somebody I used to know. Brilliant

A revelation. What a collection of voices. Do you write your own songs? Crowe/Doyle Songbook vol iii on i-tunes
Haha, gems I tell you, diamonds Backin Up Song!! - [Walk off the Earth] 


Walk off the Earth perform their Acoustic Ska version of the Gregory Brothers hit song "Backing Up". This version will be available for download soon!

Walk off the Earth's Gianni Luminati, Does his rendition of Eminem's hit "love the way you lie" with a little help from his LOOP Pedals!

From Walk Off The Earth's Facebook page:

Walk off the Earth, is one of the only "Truly" Independent bands in the music Industry today. They have had no help from record labels, managers, booking agents or publicists. They've gain much of their success through word of mouth from their dedicated and loyal fans. Their passion to create Great Music, Entertaining Original Videos and Innovative Live Performances is all they will need to be recognized as the new face of Music!

Walk Off The Earth Links:

Webpage: Walk Off The Earth
Facebook: Band Page
Youtube: Walk Off The Earth
Twitter:  @WalkOffTheEarth

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