Crowe/Doyle Songbook Vol. III--Lyrics

Love is Impossible

Love is impossible
and not worthy of my trust
Promiscuous ,facile, confused

Cut many times
And crazy with the Sting

Her middle name
Oh yes Love is to blame
For everything

Fractured by the pain
of its' reality
Battered by the love that waits in you


Graceful and Divine
Love is Time
Brutal and so kind
Love is Impossible to find

It entraps you in the spell
Of possibility
By the things that might come true

Fractured by the pain
Of it's duality
Flattered by the love that waits in you


Love is Impossible
And not worthy of my trust.

Too Far Gone (To Be Saved)
Russell Crowe/Alan Doyle

I am drowning
 not waving
here in the darkness
I'll find my peace

You'll try to save me
but you are suspended
Beneath the surface
In way too deep


And your fingers tear at my skin
Release the blood let the feeding begin
Your intentions will never be blamed
We're both too far gone, to be saved

When times were simple
And the journey clearer
Before the circles
And deja vu

Before all the bombs fell
And we lived in craters
Before all the sharks came
And had their fill



I should have spared you
And you might have warned me
The glory is fleeting for birds in flight

Now I'm sinking
 weighed down by regrets
I see clearly in this dying light

I am drowning
 not waving
Will you just love me
It's not too late

Here in the darkness
No-one can judge us
Kiss me completely
And seal our fate