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News: Dec 10, 2012

"Les Misérables: From Stage to Screen," a new book by Benedict Nightingale and Martyn Palmer documenting the journey of the international hit musical from concept to film, will be published in early 2013 by Applause Theatre & Cinema Books.

The hardcover book will be released April 16, 2013, and will retail for $45.

Russell Crowe, who appears as Javert in the film adaptation of Les Miserables, performed with his band The Indoor Garden Party at Joe's Pub Dec. 8. The actor was joined by some special guests for the occasion, including his Les Miz co-star Hugh Jackman. (

Les Miz Stars Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe Face Off with ‘The Confrontation’ at Joe’s Pub 

Talk about a mega-watt cameo! Russell Crowe received some extra special support during his Indoor Garden Party concert at Joe’s Pub on December 8 from his Les Misérables co-star Hugh Jackman. The dashing Aussie duo shared the stage to tackle—what else?—the infamous head-to-head duet “The Confrontation,” which is the mark of any good Valjean-Javert rivalry. So how did Jackman and Crowe fare? Watch the clip below to find out, and see them tackle the song in on the big screen in movie theaters on December 25! (

Crowe and Jackman 'stun with song battle'

Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman thrilled revellers with a live singing battle at the weekend.

The stars are currently travelling the world to promote their new musical movie Les Misérables. Although Russell and Hugh play bitter rivals in the film, they are good friends in real life and Russell invited his co-star to see him sing at Joe's Pub in New York City on Saturday night. (Belfast Telegraph)

Hugh Jackman calls 'Les Miserables' role 'a brutal experience'

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Tomb of Roman general who inspired Russell Crowe's Gladiator could be reburied as Italy can't afford to preserve it

The burial place of Marcus Nonius Macrinus, the general who advised Emperor Marcus Aurelius and fought Germanic tribes in the second century, was found at Saxa Rubra, north of Rome, in 2008, and boasted marble pillars and Latin inscriptions.
But despite the joy of historians who pored over the important ancient mausoleum, Italian authorities say it may now have to be reburied as they cannot afford the preservation works necessary to keep it open.

(Here's a retweet from Russell on Twitter about this: 
Thank you for voicing your support for the Gladiator tomb in Rome. Please sign the ipetiton, too!

A full scale replica of Noah’s Ark in seen in Dordrecht, Netherlands, Monday Dec. 10, 2012. The Ark opened its doors in the Netherlands after receiving permission to receive up to 3,000 visitors per day. For those who don’t know or remember the Biblical story, God ordered Noah to build a boat massive enough to save animals and humanity while God destroyed the rest of the earth in an enormous flood.   (Huffington Post)
(There's also a slide show at the site with 14 pictures.  Third story down the page)


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