Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Drawings From the Indoor Garden Party


Alan in the first show.

Some great pictures were taken by fans at the Indoor Garden Parties at Joe's Pub on December 8th.  The pictures from that night that caught Russell's attention, however, came not from a camera, but from the very talented hand of artist Michael Arthur.  Michael is the official Archival Artist for Joe's Pub, where he uses pen and ink to capture the artists appearing there during soundchecks and performances.  He graciously gave me permission to use some of his drawings here.  In addition to the above drawings of Russell and Alan, there are eight other wonderful Garden Party drawings in the album titled Russell Crowe's Garden Party.  Click the link to see them all.

Find out more about Michael and see more of his work at his Facebook page, Just Drawn That Way drawings by Michael Arthur, and his website at www.michaelarthur.com

Michael's Twitter account is @inklines, if you'd like to follow him there.

Here are the drawings from last night's show. What a pleasure to meet you and yers.

Great stuff man, well done 

Thanks, sir. You put on a great show. Or two as the case may be. . . 

Can I buy those drawings off you? 


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