Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crowe/Doyle Songbook Vol III on iTunes

The Crowe/Doyle Songbook, Vol. III is finally available for download today at iTunes.  Here's a list of tracks:

1.   Too Far Gone (To Be Saved) (feat. Danielle Spencer)

2.   Love Is Impossible (feat. Danielle Spencer)

3.   Sadness Of A Woman (feat. Danielle Spencer)

4.   Perfect In Your Eyes

5.   Angel Of The Cross (feat. Danielle Spencer)

6.   Killing Song (feat. Danielle Spencer)

7.  Disappeared (feat. Danielle Spencer)

8.   Queen Jane (feat. Danielle Spencer)

9.   Mother's Cross

10. Too Far Gone (To Be Saved) (Acoustic Demo) [feat. Danielle Spencer]

11. Love Is Impossible (Acoustic Demo) [feat. Danielle Spencer]

12. Sadness Of A Woman (Acoustic Demo) [feat. Danielle Spencer]

13. Perfect In Your Eyes (Acoustic Demo)

14. Angel Of The Cross (Acoustic Demo) [feat. Danielle Spencer]

15. Killing Song (Acoustic Demo) [feat. Danielle Spencer]

16. Disappeared (Acoustic Demo) [feat. Danielle Spencer]

17. Queen Jane (Acoustic Demo) [feat. Danielle Spencer]

18. Mother's Cross (Acoustic Demo)

In addition to Too Far Gone (To Be Saved), my personal favorites so far are Perfect In Your Eyes and Killing Song.  The voices of Russell and his wife, Danielle Spencer complement each other so well.  Absolutely inspiring work by Russell, Alan Doyle, and Danielle.

The download link on iTunes is in Crowe Music Links and here:  The Crowe/Doyle Songbook, Vol. III

The album will be available on Amazon, Rhapsody, and other music sites on August 9th.

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