Monday, August 1, 2011

Leaves of Russell Crowe???

I'll take a stab here at describing this blog and this title and I'll hope it makes sense to most of you who read it.  Those who know me from my poetry blog, Other Ways of Speaking, will probably already know that the title of that blog comes from my favorite poet, Russell Crowe.  He's inspired much of my poetry and it's he who's inspired me, over the last year-and-a-half,  to write more often and in different ways than I have before.

Although my Other Ways of Speaking blog is devoted mostly to sharing my poetry, I have made occasional posts about Russell there, along with posting links to his music.  I could have written much more about his music and lyrics and how they've inspired me, but some of the people who follow that blog began to tell me that it was starting to feel like a fan blog.  

So, with new songs from Russell being released and so much going on with his music, I decided to start a new blog where I would be able to concentrate on his music and lyrics.  Leaves of Russell Crowe is the result.  It's in the beginning stages and I'll be posting more links, as well as lyrics, videos, and more.  Not that I'll be ignoring his movies.  I'll also blog about his acting projects and other news, but I want to concentrate more on the music.

Talking about the many different facets of the man brings me to the blog title.  Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass is a collection of poetry celebrating nature and man's physical and spiritual connection to nature.  Many of the poems in the collection, such as Song of Myself, remind me very much of Russell--combining romanticism, spiritualism, and realism--and his poetic ways of speaking about nature.  Wanting to give this blog something of a poetic title and thinking of the 'leaves' in Whitman's title as different aspects of personality, it just began to sound right and to stick with me. I hope it's something people will enjoy reading.

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