Thursday, August 4, 2011

Indoor Garden Party: Russell, Alan, Danielle and Friends

I'm starting this bit at night on very little sleep and hope to finish it in the morning, when I will still likely have gotten very little sleep, because the show left me too keyed-up to be the slightest bit sleepy.  My plan to spend no time at the computer has gone up in smoke, so when I get home I will owe my brother-in-law a couple of car washes for losing our bet that I'd be able to stay off the internet for the five days we were gone.

Just a little about the August 3rd Indoor Garden Party, and I'll do more when my head is clear (whenever that turns out to be):

First, the LSPU Hall is a beautiful place.  Alive with history.  You can touch the wood and feel its memories flowing into you.  And though being so small a venue is not good for the number of fans who couldn't get tickets, it does make it a perfect setting for the show.

The highlights of the show for me were, without a doubt, Russell and Alan's absolutely perfect version of Perfect In Your Eyes (perfect in my eyes anyway) and Kevin Durand and Scott Grimes joining them for Beautiful Girls.  I must have watched at least half a dozen video versions of Beautiful Girls during all the Robin Hood promos, but nothing compares to watching and hearing them do it live.

Danielle Spencer is every bit as beautiful as her voice.  She gave the perfect feminine touch to every song she sang.  Hearing her sing Too Far Gone (To Be Saved) live with Russell and Alan was even better than the tracks downloaded from iTunes.

As much as I loved seeing everyone, there were times when I simply closed my eyes and listened.  This is music to be savoured.   And it wasn't just the music.  The love and friendship were right there to be seen in the stories told, the laughs had by everyone, and the good time had by all--the performers and the audience as well.

I've never had a better time at a concert.  Until tonight maybe...

(Longer post on the Indoor Garden Party here.)

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